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Resources Worth Reading

Resources: Resources

Whether dealing with fertility struggles and exploring your options, considering a surrogacy arrangement (as an Intended Parent or as a Surrogate), or have already decided to use third-party reproduction to build your family and want resources to help you explain your child's unique birth story to them, these books can provide excellent guidance and advice. 


Should you wish to speak with a lawyer about the legal aspects of your family formation journey or securing your parental rights in New York, please contact us for a free consultation and we'd be happy to help!

Books for Adults

love comes first.jpg

By  Bradford Kolb & Melinda Maerker


By Sue A. Johnston, Lee Alison, Susie Johnson Blair, Claire Donahue, Robert E. Johnston, Katie Kearney, Michelle Lauren, CJ McAuliffe, Felice D. McGrath

Books for Children


By Sophie Beer


By Abigail Glass and Illustrated by Riley Robertson


Wanted: A Journey to Surrogacy

By Carolina Robbiano

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