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Featured Partner: Wellhatched

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Our work in the field of family formation has allowed us to cross paths with many terrific people who themselves have found their passion in helping others navigate the complex world of assisted reproduction--from an intended parent's point of view. Meet Holly Singh, founder of Wellhatched!

Why did you start Wellhatched?

I overcame my own 5+ year fertility journey to have my two boys, and my experience led me to want to be of service to others. What I found when I was struggling with infertility was a complete void and lack of resources when presented with a diagnosis. No clear steps or guidance on where to go or what to do next. As a woman used to being in control, I felt completely out of control, overwhelmed, and lost.

It would take many years of doctors’ appointments, research and patience to finally create my family. And so, as I had my two boys, I founded Wellhatched to support Intended Parents in the way I wish I could have been supported: with all the information that I needed to make the many decisions that are required in a fertility journey. All in one place, all mapped out on a timeline, yet presented in an easily digestible manner.

This includes resources that were personalized for my specific diagnosis and circumstances; everything I needed to support the success of this very expensive fertility treatment and endeavor.

And most importantly, I would have wanted this delivered by someone who’s been through the process themselves and truly knows the ins and outs.

What do you love about your job?

I love that I get to help people achieve one of the greatest goals many of us will have: to have the child and family we’ve been waiting so long for.

I also love that I often get to work with both intended parents (if it’s a couple) in my personal consulting practice. And, I love that we reach hundreds of intended parents through our corporate workshops, but also that we start really important conversations about family-building in the workplace. I get really excited about the awareness and community created by fertility education!

What are you most excited about for 2022?

Honestly - I’m most excited to see the babies our clients are expecting later this year :)

What is your favorite resource for intended parents?

There’s so many - but here’s my short list!

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